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What is Tracy's MO?

Tracy's M.O. (Modus Operandi)


Truth: What you say to and about others 

Honesty: How you use truth in making decisions 

Doing the Right Thing: How you interact with others in the world. 


God has allowed me to live a lot and I hope to use my varied experience to give you interesting and

helpful information to get through life situations in a positive way. 

This story could easily be confused with a Hollywood movie script...opening with a wide-eyed, patriotic, intelligent young woman full of hope and the desire to make a help those in need and serve her country, the great United States of America.


What better way to succeed in those endeavors than to become one of the elite Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent force - joining the premier law enforcement agency in the world. God Is Bigger Than Your FBI gives a detailed account of the difficult Special Agent selection, training, and job requirements.

Though we often question difficulties in life, God is in control and He has a plan. He is bigger than any challenge or hardship we will ever know and He will be there as we each face our own FBI - Faith Building Incident.


Jeffrey's Heart Attack - 7/3/2020

Jeffrey recounts his Heart Attack - with HEMSI Paramedic Deanna, his wife Tracy, and special friends Donathan, Kelly, and Kathy. 

Angels of Mercy - Paramedic Deanna

HEMSI Paramedic Deanna recounts her response to Jeffrey's Heart Attack. He calls her and all the Emergency Services Teams, "Angels of Mercy". 

Tracy's Resume's

4 Life Categories

Most things in life boil down to 4 Categories

1 - Sailin'

2 - Speedbumps

3 - Springboards

4 - Hiccups 


That's the acronym SSSH - so if someone is being critical of you, just tell them...


"SSSH - I'm Transforming". We're never finished...we're transforming every day.

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