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About Tracy


Tracy uses her vast knowledge, expertise, and personal experience to achieve results.


She has worked and traveled extensively throughout the United States and worked on special assignment internationally.


Tracy was an FBI Special Agent (SA) for 9 years and a certified police instructor. Her assignments as an SA included investigations regarding National Security/Foreign Counterintelligence, White Collar Crime, Drugs, Bombings, Kidnappings, Murder on Indian Reservations, and Special Inquiries. Tracy conducted approximately 1,200 interviews/interrogations throughout her FBI career. While assigned to the Houston Division (and on limited duty, recovering from a devastating car wreck), she conducted more than 700 interviews in just three (3) years. These included background investigations on FBI applicants, White House staff, Presidential appointees requiring Senate confirmation, and Presidential pardons. She independently developed programs that were incorporated nationwide and her presentations were requested for use by the FBI Director and Attorney General.


Tracy worked for TRW, a Government Contractor, where she was the Public Relations Specialist for Ballistic Missile Defense Systems (BMDS). She created technical trade and multimedia materials, to include high level speeches. Clients included Pentagon and distinguished officials, as well as major Government and civilian sub-contractors. After her FBI career, Tracy worked for a 200 employee Government Contracting company in Huntsville, AL - home of the Space and Rocket Center and the 3rd largest Research Park in the Nation.

Tracy has also been successful in the entertainment industry, working for over 20 years as a professional writer/editor, director, and actor.


Among her many accomplishments, Tracy worked as an Independent Consultant, Supervisor, Instructor, Security and Personnel Manager, Graphic Artist, and Data Manager. 

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FBI Special Agent

The good, bad, and ugly...

Passing on advice from what I learned

and how it applies to life

20200107 - Patent Issuance - Theft Track


Theft Trackers

2 Patents & Coming to Market.

Advice from our experience


Government Contractor

15 years working with Pentagon and other officials - Advice about what works with Public Relations, Marketing, and Proposal Writing

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It's not just on stage -

Acting advice for everyday life


Makeup Artist

When you look your best - 

you feel your best.

Advice on how to get there

Before & After - 72 Pounds in 9 Months c

Weight Loss

72 pounds lost in 9 months

How it crept on -

How it came off!

Tracy's Life List


We all have a story...Tracy is finally ready to share all aspects of her life to help others. Below is a listing of experiences. See if there is something that mirrors your struggle.


I've been there: great times; hard times; sad and depressing times; and times of growth and reflection. Each of these experiences work together to help others.

  1. Babysitter at age 11 - started in Kuwait

  2. Quarters Cleaner for White Glove Inspections

  3. Brownie & Girl Scout

  4. Fast Food Cashier 

  5. Dance Instructor 

  6. Grocery Store Cashier - Travelled throughout the Southwest opening new stores

  7. Bartender 

  8. Actor: Stage, Film, TV, Radio – Commercials to Dramatic Roles. Audiences of 50 to 16,000

  9. Director, Writer, Producer

  10. Makeup Artist for Head Shots, Film, and Commerical/Industrial Shoots

  11. Acting Coach

  12. Day Care: Infants & 6-7 year olds

  13. Mary Kay Consultant (2 times) - since age 18. Mom & Grandmom too – I bleed pink

  14. Life Guard for Largest Water Park in the US

  15. Restaurant Server 

  16. Retail Clothing - Sales

  17. Office Clerk

  18. Public Relations at Car Dealership

  19. Insurance Company 

  20. Investment Builders

  21. Construction Company

  22. Airport Authority Marketing

  23. Government Contracting (large & small) - Public Relations; Marketing; Busines Development; Proposal Writing; Program Manager

  24. Professional Association Board of Directors - Public Relations 6 years

  25. FBI Special Agent – 9 years; Albuquerque, NM & Houston, TX

  26. Planned My Suicide

  27. Book Author: “God Is Bigger Than Your FBI”, “The EEO Process, Where’s My Parade

  28. Lawsuits: Gender Discrimination & Retaliation. Successful in Both (FBI) – Stand up for yourself and do the right thing even when it’s really hard.

  29. Small Business Owner (2014 - present) – Marketing & Computer Consulting

  30. Patents (2) for Theft Trackers™ (2020-2021)

  31. Weight Loss: – 72 pounds in 9 months

  32. Dealt with Difficult People in Work & Church

  33. Tennis

  34. Music: Piano - Composer; Clarinet

  35. Christian: Baptized at 8; met Jesus at 13; Baptized at 23 (in right order) 

  36. Army Brat: Father - Lt. Colonel

  37. Moved 24 Times: Know How to Say “Good-Bye”

  38. Foreign Travel Growing Up: Lived in Germany (don’t remember), Kuwait - 2 years (remember well), Basketball in Bahrain & Dubai; Vacationed in Greece for 2 Weeks Because Passports had Stamp from Kuwait, Business in Israel 

  39. 3 Colleges: Nursing to Business (BSBA – Management Information Systems). Nursing Advisor said I’d “never amount to anything”.

  40. Delta Zeta (DZ) Sorority Legacy

  41. Raped in College

  42. Alan Locke died with me there - head on collision due to drunk driver (1984). Changed the direction of my life.

  43. Car wreck that almost killed me (2001) – 5 years to “recover” – still in pain management. Now have "Toasted Skin Syndrom" - just like women who knitted by the fire and laptop users.

  44. Bought 2 Homes as a Single Woman

  45. Dated Some Good Guys... and LOTS of Total Losers! Now I know why.

  46. Dated "Separated" Men

  47. Married after 40. It CAN happen.

  48. Married my high school sweetheart in 2009...reconnecting on Facebook after 27 years apart.

  49. No Biological Children: 2 Step-Children (Heart Children). Now a MUM (Mother Upon Marriage)

  50. Lost My Father, Mother, and Grandmother within 3 Years

  51. Caretaker for Mother for 3 Years. Was with her when she took her last breath.

  52. Two Estranged Siblings (as Adults)

  53. Have Many Lifelong Friends (over 40 years)

  54. Flush Drowning Close Call - on 5th White Water Rafting Trip

  55. Kidney Stones (2 times)

  56. Foot Surgeries (5)

  57. Dance

  58. Skydiving

  59. 6 Cruises

  60. Yearly Vacations to the Beach. The ocean brings clarity.

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